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Fedor Solntsev

Russian painter and historian

Died when: 90 years 324 days (1090 months)
Star Sign: Aries


Fedor Solntsev

Fedor Grigoryevich Solntsev (Russian: ????? ?????´?????? ??´?????) (26 April [O.S. 14 April] 1801 – 15 March [O.S. 3 March] 1892) was a Russian painter and historian of art.

His artwork was a major contribution in recording and preserving medieval Russian culture, which was a common subject of his paintings.

He was the main author of the fundamental work , the main decorator of interiors of the Grand Kremlin Palace in Moscow.

He discovered and restored mosaics and frescoes of Saint Sophia's Cathedral and of Kiev Pechersk Lavra in Kiev, and of Cathedral of Saint Demetrius in Vladimir.

Fedor Solntsev, together with Metropolitan Philaret and Archimandrite Photius are considered the founders of modern Russian icon painting canon synthesizing ancient Russian traditions, post-Petrine efforts and modern art discoveries.

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