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Florence Jaffray Harriman

American social reformer

Died when: 97 years 41 days (1165 months)
Star Sign: Leo


Florence Jaffray Harriman

Florence Jaffray "Daisy" Harriman (July 21, 1870 – August 31, 1967) was an American socialite, suffragist, social reformer, organizer, and diplomat. "She led one of the suffrage parades down Fifth Avenue, worked on campaigns on child labor and safe milk and, as minister to Norway in World War II, organized evacuation efforts while hiding in a forest from the Nazi invasion." In her ninety-second year, U.S.

President John F.Kennedy honored her by awarding her the first "Citation of Merit for Distinguished Service." She often found herself in the middle of historic events.

As she stated, "I think nobody can deny that I have always had through sheer luck a box seat at the America of my times."

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