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François Xavier de Schwarz

French general

Died when: 64 years 274 days (777 months)
Star Sign: Capricorn


François Xavier de Schwarz

François Xavier de Schwarz or François-Xavier-Nicolas Schwartz (8 January 1762 – 9 October 1826) was born in Baden but joined the French army in 1776.

He became a cavalry officer during the French Revolutionary Wars, fighting with the 2nd Hussar Regiment in numerous actions including Jemappes, Fleurus, and Neuwied.

After being captured in an abortive invasion of Ireland, he was promoted to command the 5th Hussar Regiment.He led the unit in the War of the Second Coalition, most notably at Hohenlinden and in the subsequent pursuit of the Austrians.

Under the First French Empire, he distinguished himself at Austerlitz in December 1805.A year later he became brigadier general after fighting at Prenzlau, Stettin, and Golymin.

After being posted to Spain to fight in the Peninsular War, he suffered defeats at the hands of the Spanish forces in Catalonia at Bruch Pass and Manresa.

In September 1810 he was captured at La Bisbal and spent the remainder of the Napoleonic Wars in British custody.Historian Charles Oman called Schwarz unlucky.

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