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Franklin Carmichael

Canadian artist

Died when: 55 years 173 days (665 months)
Star Sign: Taurus


Franklin Carmichael

Franklin Carmichael RCA (May 4, 1890 – October 24, 1945) was a Canadian artist and member of the Group of Seven.Though he was primarily famous for his use of watercolours, he also used oil paints, charcoal and other media to capture the Ontario landscapes.

Besides his work as a painter, he worked as a designer and illustrator, creating promotional brochures, advertisements in newspapers and magazines, and designing books.

Near the end of his life, Carmichael taught in the Graphic Design and Commercial Art Department at the Ontario College of Art (today the Ontario College of Art & Design University).

The youngest original member of the Group of Seven, Carmichael often found himself socially on the outside of the group.

Despite this, the art he produced was of equal measure in terms of style and approach to the other members' contributions, vividly expressing his spiritual views through his art.

The next youngest member was A.J.Casson with whom he was friendly.

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