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Andreas O'Reilly von Ballinlough

Austrian general

Died when: 89 years 337 days (1079 months)
Star Sign: Leo


Andreas O'Reilly von Ballinlough

Andreas Graf O'Reilly von Ballinlough (3 August 1742 – 5 July 1832) was an Irish-Austrian soldier and military commander of Irish origin.His military service extended through the Seven Years' War, War of the Bavarian Succession, Austro-Turkish War, French Revolutionary Wars, and Napoleonic Wars.

He retired from the army in 1810 and died at age 89.Andrew O'Reilly was born in Ballinlough, County Roscommon, Ireland.His brother, Hugh, was created baronet of Ballinlough in 1795, and in 1812, on the death of their maternal uncle John Nugent, he assumed by Royal licence the surname of Nugent (see Nugent Baronets).

Their sister Margaret married Richard Talbot and was, as a widow, created Baroness Talbot of Malahide in 1831.At the age of 14, Andrew O'Reilly joined the army of Habsburg Austria and fought against the Kingdom of Prussia.

After rising in the army, he married into an aristocratic family in his 40s.He led a cavalry regiment in combat against the Ottoman Turks.

In the war with the First French Republic he was promoted to general officer.He played a leading role in the Battle of Marengo in 1800, where he led one of the Austrian attack columns.

Even in his 60s he remained a military officer, fighting against the First French Empire in 1805 and was compelled to surrender Vienna in 1809.

From 1803 until his death in 1832, he was Proprietor (Inhaber) of an Austrian light cavalry regiment.

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