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G. Venkatasubbiah

Kannada writer, grammarian, editor, lexicographer

Died when: 107 years 239 days (1291 months)
Star Sign: Virgo


G. Venkatasubbiah

Ganjam Venkatasubbiah (23 August 1913 – 19 April 2021), also known as G.V., was a Kannada writer, grammarian, editor, lexicographer, and critic who compiled over eight dictionaries, authored four seminal works on dictionary science in Kannada, edited over sixty books, and published several papers.

Recipient of the Kannada Sahitya Akademi Award and the Pampa Award, Venkatasubbiah's contribution to the world of Kannada Lexicography is vast.

His work Igo Kannada is a socio-linguistic dictionary which encompasses an eclectic mix of Kannada phrases, usages, idioms, and serves as a reference for linguists and sociologists alike.

Venkatasubbiah is best known for his work on Kannada dictionary science titled Kannada Nighantu Shastra Parichaya.This came out exactly one hundred years after a Kannada-English dictionary was authored by the German priest and Indologist Reverend Ferdinand Kittel in 1894.

This work became an addition to a tradition of dictionary writing in Kannada known for at least thousand years starting with first available Rannakanda.

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