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Gabriel Strobl

Austrian biologist

Died when: 78 years 132 days (940 months)
Star Sign: Scorpio


Gabriel Strobl

Gabriel Strobl (3 November 1846 in Unzmarkt, Styria, Austrian Empire – 15 March 1925 in Admont, Benediktinerstift) was an Austrian Roman Catholic priest and entomologist who specialised in Diptera.

In 1866 the then 20-year-old Gabriel Strobl became a Roman Catholic priest monk (Pater) at the Benedictine monastery Admont Abbey (Stift Admont).

A devastating Monastery fire in 1865 had destroyed the Natural History Cabinet (a museum) and its contents which had included ’s Universe.

He was entrusted by Abbot Karlmann Hieber (served 1861-1868) with rebuilding the Natural History Museum.In 44 years of work - until his stroke in 1910 - Gabriel Strobl built up the Museum anew.

In his first 12 years of work, he devoted himself principally to botany, before dedicating himself completely to entomology for the following 32 years.

Although his published work is mainly on Diptera he also worked on Hymenoptera and Coleoptera of the Balkan peninsula which was partially ruled by Austria-Hungary until 1918.

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