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Georg Branting

Politician, fencer

Died when: 77 years 288 days (933 months)
Star Sign: Libra


Georg Branting

Georg Branting (21 September 1887 – 6 July 1965) was a Swedish Social Democrat and Olympic fencer.He was the son of Hjalmar Branting and a member of the Riksdag 1932–1961.

In the Spanish Civil War, a Scandinavian battalion of the International Brigades was named after him, as a sign of thanks for his vehement support of the Spanish Republic.

Related to the Civil War of Finland in 1918, he wrote a book translated in 1925 in Finnish as: Oikeudenkäyttö Suomessa, Muutamia asiakirjoja selityksineen.

He competed for Sweden in fencing at the 1908 and 1912 Summer Olympics.

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