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George Washington Martin II

Lawyer, jurist, and member of the Democratic Party

Died when: 72 years 149 days (868 months)
Star Sign: Cancer


George Washington Martin II

George Washington Martin, Jr. (June 25, 1876 – November 21, 1948) was a prominent lawyer, jurist, and member of the Democratic Party in Kings County, Brooklyn, New York.

As a lawyer he defended many criminals at trial, and then later as a judge presided over a number of trials involving underworld figures associated with Murder, Inc.

He was a controversial figure in the history of New York City law in the 1930s when the judiciary and police force of Brooklyn were investigated for corrupt activities.

In 1939 he was the subject of criminal charges of bribery and judicial corruption that he successfully defended at trial.In late 1939 impeachment proceedings were taken against him through the New York state senate, but the charges were dismissed.

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