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Greenwood LeFlore

American politician

Died when: 65 years 89 days (782 months)
Star Sign: Gemini


Greenwood LeFlore

Greenwood LeFlore or Greenwood Le Fleur (June 3, 1800 – August 31, 1865) was elected Principal Chief of the Choctaw in 1830 before removal.Before that, the nation was governed by three district chiefs and a council of chiefs.

A wealthy and regionally influential Choctaw of mixed-race, who belonged to the Choctaw elite due to his mother's rank, LeFlore had many connections in state and federal government.

In 1830 LeFlore led other chiefs in signing the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek, which ceded the remaining Choctaw lands in Mississippi to the US government and agreed to removal to Indian Territory.

It also provided that Choctaw who chose to stay in Mississippi would have reserved lands, but the United States government failed to follow through on this provision.

While many leaders argued that removal was inevitable, others opposed the treaty and made death threats against LeFlore.He stayed in Mississippi, where he settled in Carroll County and accepted United States citizenship.

He was elected to the state government as a legislator and senator in the 1840s.During the American Civil War, he sided with the Union.

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