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James Francis Edward Keith

German general

Died when: 62 years 125 days (748 months)
Star Sign: Gemini


James Francis Edward Keith

James Francis Edward Keith (in later years Jakob von Keith; 11 June 1696 – 14 October 1758) was a Scottish soldier and Generalfeldmarschall of the Royal Prussian Army.

As a Jacobite he took part in a failed attempt to restore the Stuart Monarchy to Britain.When this failed, he fled to Europe, living in France, and then Spain.

He joined the Spanish and eventually the Russian armies and fought in the Anglo-Spanish War and the Russo-Swedish War.In the latter he participated in the conquest of Finland and became its viceroy.

Subsequently, he participated in the coup d'état that put Elizabeth of Russia on the throne.He subsequently served in the Prussian army under Frederick the Great, where he distinguished himself in several campaigns.

He died during the Seven Years' War at the Battle of Hochkirch.He received the Black Eagle Order and is memorialised on the Equestrian statue of Frederick the Great.

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