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Mykhailo Horyn

Human rights activist

Died when: 82 years 210 days (990 months)
Star Sign: Gemini


Mykhailo Horyn

Mykhailo Mykolayovych Horyn (Ukrainian: Михайло Миколайович Горинь) (born 17 June 1930 in , Lviv Oblast – died 13 January 2013 in Lviv, Lviv Oblast) was a Ukrainian human rights activist and dissident.

He was a People's Deputy of the first convocation of the Verkhovna Rada from May 15, 1990 to May 10, 1994.He played an important role in the country's struggle for independence.

Regarding Russian-Ukrainian relations he said: "Our historical mission is to be the doctor who will cure Russia of its imperial ambition.

Ukraine is a European power.Russia is not.It is a Eurasian power.It is sitting on top of the Ural mountains looking East and trying to decide how to tackle its problems".

His younger brother is Bohdan Horyn (b. 1936), also a Ukrainian human rights activist and Soviet dissident.

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