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Henry Luce

American magazine magnate

Died when: 68 years 331 days (826 months)
Star Sign: Aries


Henry Luce

Henry Robinson Luce (April 3, 1898 – February 28, 1967) was an American magazine magnate who founded Time, Life, Fortune, and Sports Illustrated magazine.He has been called "the most influential private citizen in the America of his day".

Born in Shandong, China, to Presbyterian parents, Luce moved to the US at the age of 15 and later attended Yale College.

He launched and closely supervised a stable of magazines that transformed journalism and the reading habits of millions of Americans.

Time summarized and interpreted the week's news;Life was a picture magazine of politics, culture, and society that dominated American visual perceptions in the era before television;

Fortune reported on national and international business; and Sports Illustrated explored the world of sports.Counting his radio projects and newsreels, Luce created the first multimedia corporation.

He envisaged that the United States would achieve world hegemony, and in 1941 he declared the 20th century would be the "American Century".

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