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Hridayeshwar Singh Bhati

Indian chess variant inventor

Died when: 18 years 285 days (225 months)
Star Sign: Virgo


Hridayeshwar Singh Bhati

Hridayeshwar Singh Bhati (3 September 2002 – 15 June 2021) was an Indian student who invented a six-player variant of chess at the age of 9 with assistance from his father.

He earned a patent for his invention in 2012, making him the youngest patent-holder in India at that time.For his invention Bhati received the CavinKare Ability Special Recognition Award and the Sri Balaji Society's Child Innovator Award.

He since designed and received patents for twelve- and sixty-player versions of his game, with his boards capable of 100 distinct variations altogether.

Besides circular chess, Bhati developed a ramp system enabling easy access to vehicles for disabled people.In 2014 he was presented a Dr.

Batra's Positive Health Award by Mahendra Singh Dhoni.Bhati had Duchenne muscular dystrophy and used a wheelchair.He credited his passion for invention to his admiration of British physicist Stephen Hawking: "I want to be like Hawking who became a famous scientist despite suffering from motor neuron disease." Bhati died of cardiac arrest on 15 June 2021.

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