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Jack Swilling

American pioneer

Died when: 48 years 133 days (580 months)
Star Sign: Aries


Jack Swilling

John W. "Jack" Swilling (April 1, 1830 – August 12, 1878) was an early pioneer in the Arizona Territory.He is commonly credited as one of the original founders of the city of Phoenix, Arizona.

Swilling also played an important role in the opening of the central Arizona highlands to white settlement.His discoveries resulted in a gold rush to the region, and this in turn led to the establishment of Arizona's first territorial capital at the mining town of Prescott.

Swilling was both a Confederate States Army minuteman and a civilian aid to the United States Army during the American Civil War.

He worked in a variety of disciplines throughout his life, including as a teamster, prospector, mine and mill owner, and saloon and dance hall owner, as well as a canal builder, farmer, rancher, and public servant.

All of this was accomplished while he suffered from periods of excruciating pain resulting from major injuries he suffered in 1854.

He took morphine to assuage the pain, which led to dependency problems for the rest of his life.

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