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James Doohan

Canadian character and voice actor

Died when: 85 years 139 days (1024 months)
Star Sign: Pisces


James Doohan

James Montgomery Doohan (/ˈduːən/;March 3, 1920 – July 20, 2005) was a Canadian actor, author and soldier, best known for his role as Montgomery "Scotty" Scott in the television and film series Star Trek.

Doohan's characterization of the Scottish Chief Engineer of the Starship Enterprise was one of the most recognizable elements in the Star Trek franchise, and inspired many fans to pursue careers in engineering and other technical fields.

He also made contributions behind the scenes, such as the initial development of the Klingon and Vulcan languages.Prior to his acting career, Doohan served in the 14th Field Artillery Regiment of the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division.

He also served as a pilot.He saw combat in Europe during World War II, including the D-Day invasion of Normandy, in which he was wounded, apparently by friendly fire.

After the war, he had extensive experience performing in radio and television, which led to his role as Scotty.Following the cancellation of the original Star Trek series, Doohan was typecast and had limited success in finding other roles; he returned to play the character in the animated and film continuations of the series, and made frequent appearances at Star Trek conventions.

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