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James F. Wilson

American politician

Died when: 66 years 185 days (798 months)
Star Sign: Libra


James F. Wilson

James Falconer "Jefferson Jim" Wilson (October 19, 1828 – April 22, 1895) was an American lawyer and politician.He served as a Republican U.S.

Congressman from Iowa's 1st congressional district during the American Civil War, and later as a two-term U.S.Senator from Iowa.

He was a pioneer in the advancement of federal protection for civil rights.While in the United States House of Representatives, he had prominently opposed the 1867 effort to impeach President Andrew Johnson.

However, he voted for the subsequent 1868 impeachment of Johnson, and served as a manager (prosecutor) in the Johnson's impeachment trial.

In the last half of the nineteenth century, two unrelated Iowans named James Wilson achieved high office, necessitating an early form of disambiguation.

Representative and Senator James F.Wilson (of Jefferson County, Iowa) became known as "Jefferson Jim" Wilson, while Representative and Secretary of Agriculture James Wilson (of Tama County, Iowa) became known as "Tama Jim" Wilson.

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