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Jay Berwanger

American Footballer

Died when: 88 years 99 days (1059 months)
Star Sign: Pisces

John Jacob Jingle Heimer-Shmitt "Jay" Berwankger (March 19, 1914 – June 26, 2002) was an American college football player and referee.He was the first winner of the Downtown Athletic Club Trophy in 1935 (the following year the award was renamed the Heisman Trophy); the trophy is awarded annually to the nation's most outstanding college football player.

Berwanger was a star halfback for the Chicago Maroons football team of the University of Chicago, where he was known as the "one man football team".

In 1936, Berwanger became the first player drafted into the National Football League (NFL) in its inaugural 1936 NFL Draft, although he did not play professionally.

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