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Johan Anthierens

Journalist, writer

Died when: 62 years 211 days (750 months)
Star Sign: Virgo


Johan Anthierens

Johan Anthierens (22 August 1937 – 20 March 2000) was a Belgian journalist, columnist, publicist, critic and writer.He became notorious because of his socially conscious columns, as well as his equally controversial opinions during interviews.

He published both in HUMO as well as Knack and founded his own short-lived satirical magazine, in 1982-1985.The main public got to know him thanks to his television appearances, both as panel member in the quiz De Wies Andersen Show and as interviewer in the talkshow Noord-Zuid (North-South).

Due to his confrontational criticism of capitalism, the monarchy, the Church, the establishment and the far-right movement Anthierens had both a lot of admirers as well as many enemies.

Still, together with and , he was widely regarded as one of the "Big Three" of Flemish critical journalism.

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