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Johann Caspar Füssli

Swiss artist

Died when: 76 years 123 days (916 months)
Star Sign: Capricorn


Johann Caspar Füssli

Johann Caspar Füssli (3 January 1706 – 6 May 1782) was a Swiss portrait painter.He was born in Zurich to Hans Rudolf Füssli, who was also a painter, and Elisabeth Schärer.He studied painting in Vienna between 1724 and 1731, and then became a portraitist in the courts of southern Germany.In 1736, he returned to Zurich, where he painted the members of the Government and figures of the Enlightenment era such as Johann Jakob Bodmer or Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock.

He died in Zurich.He married Elisabeth Waser, and they had the following children:Hans Rudolf FüssliJohann Heinrich Füssli (Henry Fuseli), (3 December 1745 in Zurich – 26 December 1832 in Zurich), painterJohann Kaspar Füssli (9 March 1743 in Zurich – 4 May 1786 in Winterthur), painter and entomologist

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