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Johannes Matthiae Gothus

Swedish academic

Died when: 77 years 51 days (925 months)
Star Sign: Capricorn


Johannes Matthiae Gothus

Johannes Matthiae Gothus (29 December 1592 in Västra Husby – 18 February 1670 in Stockholm) was a Swedish Lutheran Bishop of Strängnäs and a professor of Uppsala University, the rector of the in Stockholm (1626–1629) and the most eminent teacher in Sweden during the seventeenth century.

He was Bishop of Strängnäs from 1643 to 1664.Gothus embodies like no other Swedish clergyman during the confessional era the continuity and renewal of the humanist tradition in Sweden.

He had close connections with the Swedish royal house and with European reform circles; he was a keen friend of both Comenius and John Dury.

In doing so, he exerted influence on the so-called folk teaching (school order 1649) and on church organisational issues.In particular, he was the spokesman for a so-called ecumenical, European religious policy.

His fate was therefore sealed when, with the guardianship of 1660, the ecclesiastical cycles changed.He was then forced to resign from the position as bishop.

As a man of ecumenism, Gothus' has a special position among Swedes.Only finding an equal threehundred years later in Bishop Nathan Söderblom.

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