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Johannes Voigt

German historian

Died when: 77 years 27 days (924 months)
Star Sign: Virgo


Johannes Voigt

Johannes Voigt (27 August 1786 – 23 September 1863) was a German historian born in , which today is situated in the district of Schmalkalden-Meiningen.

He studied history, theology and philology at the University of Jena, where two of his instructors were Heinrich Luden (1778-1847) and Johann Jakob Griesbach (1745–1812).

After graduation, he was an instructor in Halle before becoming a professor at the University of Königsberg in 1817.He died in Königsberg.

His son Georg Voigt (1827–1891) was a famous historian.Johannes Voigt is remembered for his large number of writings concerning the history of Prussia.

However, his best-known work was a book about Pope Gregory VII titled Hildebrand als Papst Gregor VII und sein Zeitalter.

It is considered an important work because it is an impartial writing by a Protestant who depicts Gregory as a reformer.

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