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John A. Moorehead

American football player and coach

Died when: 49 years 180 days (593 months)
Star Sign: Aquarius


John A. Moorehead

John Alston Moorehead (February 19, 1882 – August 18, 1931) was an American college football player and coach.He served as the head football coach at the University of Pittsburgh during the 1907 and 1908 seasons; the school known as the Western University of Pennsylvania before 1908.

Moorehead applied for the coaching job after being cut off by his father for eloping with his mother's French maid.

Prior to coaching at Pittsburgh, He played halfback while attending Yale University, from which he graduated in 1904.Some historical records from refer to him as John A.

Moorhead and as James A.Moorehead.He was also referred to as "Jim".

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