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John Burpee Mills

Canadian politician

Died when: 63 years 157 days (761 months)
Star Sign: Leo


John Burpee Mills

John Burpee Mills, KC (July 24, 1850 – December 28, 1913) was a Canadian lawyer and politician.Born in Granville Ferry, Nova Scotia, the son of John Mills and Jane McCormick, Mills received a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1871 and a Master of Arts degree in 1877 from Acadia College.

He also attended Harvard Law School and was called to the Bar of Nova Scotia in 1875.He was created a Queen's Counsel in 1890.

In 1905, he was called to the British Columbia Bar.Miller began the practice of law in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia and later practised in Vancouver.

He was editor of the Annapolis Spectator.He was a member from 1882 until 1887 of the municipal council of Annapolis, Nova Scotia.

He was first elected to the House of Commons of Canada for the electoral district of Annapolis in the 1887 election.

A Conservative, he was re-elected in 1891 and 1896.He was defeated in the 1900 election.Mills was married twice: first to Bessie B.

Corbitt in 1878 and then to Agnes K.Rose in 1896.He died in Providence, Rhode Island at the age of 63.

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