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John Gibson Paton

British missionary

Died when: 82 years 249 days (992 months)
Star Sign: Gemini


John Gibson Paton

John Gibson Paton (24 May 1824 – 28 January 1907), born in Scotland, was a Protestant missionary to the New Hebrides Islands of the South Pacific.

He brought to the natives of the New Hebrides education and Christianity.He developed small industries for them, such as hat making.

He advocated strongly against a form of slavery, which was called "Blackbirding", that involved kidnapping the natives and forcing them to work in New Zealand and elsewhere.

Though his life and work in the New Hebrides was difficult and often dangerous, Paton preached, raised a family, and worked to raise support in Scotland for missionary work.

He also campaigned hard to persuade Britain to annex the New Hebrides.He was a man of robust character and personality.

Paton was also an author and able to tell his story in print.He is held up as an example and an inspiration for missionary work.

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