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John Greenslade

United States admiral

Died when: 69 years 360 days (839 months)
Star Sign: Capricorn


John Greenslade

John Wills Greenslade (January 11, 1880 – January 6, 1950) was a highly decorated officer in the United States Navy with the rank of Vice Admiral.

He enjoyed a significant military career, participating in several conflicts and distinguished himself during World War I as Commanding officer, USS Housatonic and during World War II as Commander, Western Sea Frontier and Commandant, Twelfth Naval district with headquarters at Mare Island Naval Shipyard.

During World War II, Greenslade stirred up controversy, during his service at Mare Island Naval Shipyard, when urged that American-born and alien Japanese be excluded from areas of strategic importance.

On April 17, 1942, the Navy seized Treasure Island, San Francisco, California from the City of San Francisco under the direction of Vice Admiral Greenslade, and paid no compensation for the confiscated island.

Admiral Greenslade claimed Treasure Island was required for "national security" and appropriated the island for the Navy.

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