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John McArthur

Union Army general

Died when: 79 years 179 days (953 months)
Star Sign: Scorpio


John McArthur

John McArthur may also refer to: * John McArthur (footballer) (born 1938), Australian rules player * John McArthur (general) (1826–1906), Union general during the American Civil War * John McArthur (Royal Navy officer) (1755–1840), British naval officer and author * John McArthur (rugby league) (born 1964), Australian rugby league footballer * John McArthur Jr. (1823–1890), American architect * J.

D.McArthur (John Duncan McArthur, 1854–1927), Canadian industrialist and railway builder * John G.McArthur, New Zealand diplomat, see list of ambassadors of New Zealand * John A.

McArthur, New Zealand diplomat and eldest son of John G.McArthur, see list of ambassadors of New Zealand * John H.

McArthur (1934–2019), Dean Emeritus, Harvard Business School * John Peter McArthur (1862–1942), Canadian politician from Alberta

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