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Johnny Haynes

English footballer

Died when: 71 years 1 days (852 months)
Star Sign: Libra


Johnny Haynes

John Norman Haynes (17 October 1934 – 18 October 2005) was an English association football player.He made 56 appearances for his country including 22 as captain.

He was selected for 3 World Cup finals squads playing in the latter two of those.Nicknamed "the Maestro", his attacking play was noted for two footed passing ability, vision and deftness of touch.

Haynes is widely regarded as Fulham's greatest ever player remaining loyal there for 20 years despite coming no nearer to a major trophy win than two FA Cup semi-final appearances.

Immediately following the abolition of the £20 maximum wage in 1961 he became the first player to be paid £100 a week.

He also had a spell on loan with Toronto City in 1961 and ended his playing days at Durban City, winning there the only trophy he won in his football career.

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