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Kevin Barry

Irish republican

Died when: 18 years 286 days (225 months)
Star Sign: Capricorn


Kevin Barry

Kevin Gerard Barry (20 January 1902 – 1 November 1920) was an Irish Republican Army soldier who was executed by the British Government during the Irish War of Independence.

He was sentenced to death for his part in an attack upon a British Army supply lorry which resulted in the deaths of three British soldiers.

His execution inflamed nationalist public opinion in Ireland, largely because of his age.The timing of the execution, only days after the death by hunger strike of Terence MacSwiney, the republican Lord Mayor of Cork, brought public opinion to a fever-pitch.

His death attracted international attention, and attempts were made by U.S. and Vatican officials to secure a reprieve.His execution and MacSwiney's death precipitated an escalation in violence as the Irish War of Independence entered its bloodiest phase, and Barry became an Irish republican martyr.

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