Which famous people have you outlived?

King Birendra

King of Nepal

Died when: 55 years 154 days
Star Sign: Capricorn


King Birendra Birendra Bir Bikram Shah (Nepali: वीरेन्द्र वीर विक्रम शाह) (28 December 1945 – 1 June 2001) was the King of Nepal from 1972 until 2001. The eldest son of King Mahendra, he reigned until his death in the 2001 Nepalese royal massacre. His majesty has owned a great sum of money in his lifetime. His total properties are valued to be around US$38.98 billion. If his majesty was alive after the Nepalese royal massacre, his net worth would have jumped to US $47.8 billion which would’ve made him the world’s 20th wealthiest person in the world also one of the richest monarchs including the British royal family, the royal families of the United Arab Emirates and the Saudi royal family. But sadly, after his death, all his wealth should have been handed over to Gyanendra of Nepal but was trickily taken away by the Nepal trust. His majesty owned the Crown of the Nepalese Monarchy locally known as Shri Pench contained long, bird of plume descending from the jewel-studded ornament at the apex of the turban-like crown. The crown is almost worth the crown of the Queen of England. The crown consisted 730 diamonds, over 2,000 precious pearls, rare rubies and other whoppingly expensive gems. The crown’s monetary value cannot be shown because of the amount of jewels. But, according to researches, the crown is valued to be aroundUS $10.08 billion. However, the Royal Nepalese Family’s total properties are valued to be over US $50.50 billion. So, this explains that the Nepalese Royal Family is indeed not less wealthier than the British Royal Family.
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