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Komatsu Kiyokado


Died when: 34 years 256 days (416 months)
Star Sign: Sagittarius


Komatsu Kiyokado

Komatsu Kiyokado (小松 清廉, December 3, 1835 – August 16, 1870) was a Japanese samurai of the late Edo period, who served the Shimazu clan of Satsuma, and went on to become a government official of the early Meiji period.

He was also commonly known as Komatsu Tatewaki (小松帯刀).Komatsu ruled the fief of Yoshitoshi, which was a part of the Satsuma Domain.

Appointed karō in 1862, he held high office in the Satsuma domain until its dissolution in 1871.Komatsu was also a descendant of the Sengoku-era samurai Nejime Shigenaga.

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