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Ladislav Hecht

American tennis player

Died when: 94 years 270 days (1136 months)
Star Sign: Virgo


Ladislav Hecht Ladislav Hecht (Czech pronunciation: [ˈlaɟɪslav ˈɦɛxt]; Hungarian: Hecht László [ˈhɛkt ˈlaːsloː]; August 31, 1909 – May 27, 2004) was a Czechoslovak professional tennis player of Jewish descent, well known for representing Czechoslovakia in the Davis Cup during the 1930s, where he compiled an 18 victories-19 losses record. Despite being of Jewish origin he was also invited to the Germany Davis Cup team, but chose not to accept it. In the 1930s he was ranked world # 6 in singles.
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