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Lady Red Couture

American drag queen and singer

Died when: 43 years 56 days (517 months)
Star Sign: Gemini


Lady Red Couture

Kareemia Baines (May 30, 1977 – July 25, 2020), known professionally as Lady Red Couture, was an American drag queen and singer best known as the co-host of with Jonny McGovern.

Born in Park City, Utah, she relocated to Los Angeles, where she became a fixture of the local drag scene.

She released an album, #Stuntqueen, in 2018, and she was featured in a number of other drag queens' singles and music videos throughout the 2010s.

She also starred in Judge Lady Red, another web series produced by McGovern.Baines died on July 25, 2020, after a flare-up of cyclic vomiting syndrome, a chronic condition that affected her throughout her life.

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