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Lakhajirajsinhji II Bavajirajsinhji

Indian nobleman and cricketer

Died when: 44 years 47 days (529 months)
Star Sign: Sagittarius


Lakhajirajsinhji II Bavajirajsinhji

Lakhajirajsinhji II (17 December 1885 – 2 February 1930) was the ruler of the Indian princely state of Rajkot from April 1890 until his death, holding the title Thakore Saheb.

He came to the throne at the age of four, following the death of his father and his three older brothers.

However, he did not govern in his own right until the age of 21, in 1907.Lakhajirajsinhji became one of the most progressive princely state rulers, introducing some of the first democratic institutions in India.

He also fostered a culture of openness and intellectualism that laid the foundation for Rajkot as a centre of the Indian independence movement.

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