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Greek rapper

Died when: 34 years 100 days (411 months)
Star Sign: Gemini

Mad Clip (born Panagiotis Peter Anastasopoulos, Greek: ?a?a???t?? ??te? ??astas?p?????;May 25, 1987 – September 2, 2021) was an American-Greek rapper and songwriter.

He released many songs such as "Dealer", "Kotera", "Sinthikes", which have grossed more than ten million pageviews in YouTube.He released four albums: Super Trapper, O Amerikanos LP, Super Trapper 2 and Still Active featuring Strat.

A fifth album named “Money And Drugs Can’t Live In Poverty” was released posthumously on April 29, 2022.From the beginning of his music career he kept the artistic name Mad Clip which comes from the initials "Money and Drugs, Can't Live in Poverty".

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