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Sal Castro

American schoolteacher

Died when: 79 years 172 days (953 months)
Star Sign: Scorpio


Sal Castro

Salvador B.Castro (October 25, 1933 – April 15, 2013) was a Mexican-American educator and activist.He was most well known for his role in the 1968 East Los Angeles high school walkouts, a series of protests against unequal conditions in Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) schools.

After he retired from teaching, he continued to lecture about his experiences and the importance of education, especially for Mexican Americans.

Castro was born in Los Angeles and began kindergarten at Belvedere Elementary School in East Los Angeles, but moved to Mexico when his father was forcibly repatriated during the "Repatriation Movement".

There he attended a private elementary school in Mazatlán, Sinaloa.Returning to East L.A. while still in grade school, he experienced discrimination for speaking Spanish in the classroom.

After graduating from Cathedral High School, a Catholic school, he was drafted into the Army.He saw no combat action as hostilities with Korea ceased shortly after his entry, but was stationed at bases in Atlanta, Georgia and Fort Jackson, South Carolina.

Always interested in higher education, he was particularly impressed by the campus of College of William and Mary while stationed in Virginia but he left the Army to marry his high school sweetheart, and attended Los Angeles City College (LACC) before transferring to L.A.

State, now known as California State University Los Angeles (Cal State LA) where he obtained his B.A. in social science.

He died in Los Angeles on April 15, 2013.

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