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Marcelo Déda

Brazilian politician

Died when: 53 years 266 days (644 months)
Star Sign: Pisces


Marcelo Déda

Marcelo Déda Chagas (March 11, 1960 – December 2, 2013) was a Brazilian politician.He was mayor of Aracaju from 2000 to 2006, and was elected in 2006 and 2010 as Governor of Sergipe.

Déda was born in Simão Dias.His political career had begun in the Secondarist Movement (Movemento Secundarista).His first contact with the DCE was at the Federal University of Sergipe, during the lifetime of the student leftist political group in the University called "Action".

In 1982, in the first election of the Worker's Party (Partido do Trabalhador), Déda was nominated as a candidate for state representative.

He was 22 years old, and he obtained almost 300 votes.In 1985, he was active during the elections for mayor in Aracaju and the present governor candidate.

The campaign took off, and Marcelo Déda achieved second place at the ballot box, with approximately 19,000 votes.He was chosen, in 1986, as state representative, with the biggest voting of its legislature.

His more than thirty thousand votes were so significant, that elected, also, was another partisan, Marcelo Ribeiro, who had little more than 1,000 votes.

It was disputed, in 1990, for the re-election for the assembly, but was defeated obtaining little more of 10% of the previous voting.

Four years afterwards, in 1994, he ran for the Federal Chamber, being chosen federal representative, with the biggest voting of the state.

He represented Sergipe, arriving to the leadership of the Party of the Workers.In the sequence, in 1998, he was reelected as a federal delegate, but resigned to assume the city hall of the Sergipe capital.

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