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Matt Moffitt

Singer, songwriter, guitarist

Died when: 46 years 358 days (563 months)
Star Sign: Leo


Matt Moffitt Matthew David Moffitt (20 August 1956 – 12 August 2003) was an Australian singer-songwriter and guitarist. He fronted the rock band, Matt Finish (1978–81, 1983–85, 1990–2003), and worked as a solo artist. Matt Finish were a popular live band, which had a top 20 hit on the Kent Music Report singles chart with "Short Note" (1981). Moffit's released a solo album in 1986, titled As Little as a Look, it provided the single, "Miss This Tonight", which reached the top 30 in June 1986. Matt Moffitt died "in his sleep, apparently from a stroke"; his funeral was held on 20 August 2003, on what would have been his 47th birthday.
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