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Maynard Jackson

American politicianAmerican mayorAmerican mayor

Died when: 65 years 92 days (783 months)
Star Sign: Aries


Maynard Jackson

Maynard Holbrook Jackson Jr. (March 23, 1938 – June 23, 2003) was an American politician and attorney from Georgia.A member of the Democratic Party, he was elected in 1973 at the age of 35 as the first black mayor of Atlanta, Georgia and of any major city in the South.

He served three terms (1974–1982, 1990–1994), making him the second longest-serving mayor of Atlanta, after six-term mayor (1937–1941, 1942–1962) William B.Hartsfield.He is notable also for public works projects, primarily the new Maynard H.

Jackson International terminal at the Atlanta airport, and for greatly increasing minority business participation in the city.After his death, the William B.

Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport was re-named Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport to honor his service to the expansion of the airport, the city and its people.

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