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French cabaret artist

Died when: 88 years 222 days (1063 months)
Star Sign: Gemini

Michel Georges Alfred Catty (18 June 1931 – 26 January 2020), known as Michou, was a French singer, drag artist and owner of Chez Michou in Montmartre.

He was born in Amiens.A local celebrity, he appeared in a cameo as himself in the 1973 film La bonne année directed by Claude Lelouch.

In 1973 he also played the part of Beauchamp in the TV series Molière pour rire et pour pleurer, directed by Marcel Camus.

He was the subject of Jean Luret's documentary L'intrigant destin d’un Transformiste.In the 1980s, he was regularly invited on French TV.

He was made a chevalier de la Légion d'honneur in 2005.

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