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Hajime Sugiyama

Japanese general

Died when: 65 years 254 days (788 months)
Star Sign: Capricorn


Hajime Sugiyama

Hajime Sugiyama (?? ?, Sugiyama Hajime / Sugiyama Gen, January 1, 1880 – September 12, 1945) was a Japanese field marshal and one of the leaders of Japan's military throughout most of World War II.

As Army Minister in 1937, Sugiyama was a driving force behind the launch of hostilities against China in retaliation for the Marco Polo Bridge Incident.

After being named the Army’s Chief of Staff in 1940, he became a leading advocate for expansion into Southeast Asia and preventive war against the United States.

Upon the outbreak of hostilities in the Pacific, Sugiyama served as the army’s commander-in-chief until his removal by Prime Minister Hideki Tojo in February 1944.

Following Tojo's ouster in July 1944, he once again held the post of Army Minister in Kuniaki Koiso's cabinet until its dissolution in April 1945.

Ten days after Japan's surrender on 2 September 1945, he committed suicide.

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