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Moraes Moreira

Brazilian musician and singer

Died when: 72 years 280 days (873 months)
Star Sign: Cancer


Moraes Moreira

Antônio Carlos Moreira Pires (July 8, 1947 – April 13, 2020), better known as Moraes Moreira [mo.ˈɾajs mu.ˈɾej.ɾa], was a Brazilian musician and songwriter.

During the 1970s he played guitar and sang in the band Novos Baianos, after which he embarked on a solo career recording 29 albums.

Moreira was involved in recording 40 full-length albums with Novos Baianos and Trio Elétrico Dodô e Osmar, and two more albums with guitarist Pepeu Gomes.

Moreira was one of the most versatile composers of Brazil, mixing the genres of rock, samba, choro, frevo, baião, and classical.

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