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Myron Floren

American accordionist

Died when: 85 years 260 days (1028 months)
Star Sign: Scorpio


Myron Floren

Myron Floren (November 5, 1919 – July 23, 2005) was an American musician best known as the accordionist on The Lawrence Welk Show between 1950 and 1980.

Floren came to prominence primarily from his regular appearances on the weekly television series in which Lawrence Welk dubbed him as "the happy Norwegian," which was also attributed to Peter Friello.

Floren was highly regarded by Lawrence Welk, who was an accomplished accordion player in his own right.Floren functioned as Welk's principal assistant and second-in-command.

In Floren's autobiography Accordion Man, written with his daughter Randee Floren, he recalled handling road manager duties when the band traveled, including hotel arrangements and other logistics.

Prior to his death, he hosted some of the repeats of The Lawrence Welk Show on PBS.

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