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Benjamin Wegner

Norwegian businessman

Died when: 69 years 91 days (831 months)
Star Sign: Pisces


Benjamin Wegner

Jacob Benjamin Wegner (21 February 1795 – 9 June 1864) was a German-Norwegian business magnate, estate owner and timber merchant.Born in Königsberg, he moved to Berlin around 1820 and established an independent business as an agent in the British timber and grain trade, and became a close associate of the London firm Isaac Solly and Sons.

In 1822, he relocated to Norway, after he had bought Blaafarveværket (The Blue-Colour Works) on behalf of a consortium led by the Berlin banker Wilhelm Christian Benecke.

From 1822 to 1849, he was Director General and one of two owners of Blaafarveværket; the company was Norway's largest and most successful industrial enterprise in the first half of the 19th century and by far the world's largest producer of cobalt blue.

He was also owner of Frogner Manor, the largest co-owner of the Hafslund estate, a co-owner of the Hassel Iron Works and a co-owner of the timber firm Juel, Wegner & Co.

Most of his business activities, both in the timber, grain and cobalt segments, focused heavily on export to England, where he spent much time throughout his life.

He served as consul general to Norway of the sovereign city-republics of Hamburg, Lübeck and Bremen, and as vice consul of the Kingdom of Portugal.

He was married to Henriette Seyler (1805–75), a member of the Berenberg banking dynasty of Hamburg and briefly a co-owner of Berenberg Bank; she was the youngest daughter of Berenberg Bank's long-time head and co-owner L.E.

Seyler, and a granddaughter of the Swiss-born banker and theatre principal Abel Seyler and of the Hamburg bankers Johann Hinrich Gossler and Elisabeth Berenberg.

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