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Philip Toosey

British banker

Died when: 71 years 132 days (856 months)
Star Sign: Leo


Philip Toosey

Brigadier Sir Philip John Denton Toosey (12 August 1904 – 22 December 1975) was, as a lieutenant colonel, the senior Allied officer in the Japanese prisoner-of-war camp at Tha Maa Kham (known as Tamarkan) in Thailand during World War II.

The men at this camp built Bridge 277 of the Burma Railway as later fictionalized in the book The Bridge over the River Kwai by Pierre Boulle, and since adapted into the Oscar-winning film The Bridge on the River Kwai in which Alec Guinness played the senior British officer, Lt.

Colonel Nicholson.Both the book and film outraged former prisoners because Toosey did not collaborate with the enemy, unlike the fictional Lt.

Colonel Nicholson.

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