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Pietro Bordino

Italian racing driver

Died when: 40 years 146 days (484 months)
Star Sign: Sagittarius


Pietro Bordino

Pietro Bordino (22 November 1887 – 15 April 1928) was an Italian racecar driver.A native of Turin, he was one of Italy's top racing drivers of the 1920s.

Bordino won the 1922 Italian Grand Prix and also raced in the 1925 Indianapolis 500, finishing 10th.He died in 1928 during practice for a race at Alessandria after he hit a dog, causing his car to overturn and land in a river, drowning him.Sir Henry Segrave described him as “the finest road race driver in the world.” He was renowned for his speed and courage, although his race successes did not necessarily meet that promise.

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