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Piotr Śmietański

Polish executioner

Died when: 50 years 241 days (607 months)
Star Sign: Cancer


Piotr Śmietański

Staff Sergeant Piotr Śmietański (born 27 June 1899 in Zawady village – died probably on 23 February 1950), was one of the main executioners in Stalinist Poland, employed by the communist secret police Urząd Bezpieczeństwa.Śmietański was stationed at the Mokotów Prison in the Warsaw borough of Mokotów (Polish: Więzienie mokotowskie) known also as Rakowiecka Prison located at 37 Rakowiecka Street.

From World War II until the collapse of the Eastern Bloc in 1989, Mokotów Prison – where Śmietański conducted his deeds – was a place of detention, torture and execution of the Polish anti-communist opposition.

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