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Platon Kerzhentsev

Russian writer

Died when: 58 years 303 days (705 months)
Star Sign: Leo


Platon Kerzhentsev

Platon Mikhailovich Kerzhentsev (Russian: Плато́н Миха́йлович Ке́рженцев), (real name Lebedev (Russian: Ле́бедев)) (4 August 1881 – 2 June 1940) was a Russian state and party official, journalist, historian, playwright and arts theorist who was involved with the Proletkult movement.

From 29 December 1930 – 23 March 1933 he served as Administrator of Affairs of the Council of People's Commissars, and was the second person to fill that post.

He was the first Soviet historian of Ireland and was considered the leading expert on Ireland in the Soviet Union.

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