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Po Sein

Burmese actor, singer and dancer

Died when: 71 years 268 days (860 months)
Star Sign: Aries


Po Sein

Po Sein (Burmese: ဘိုးစိန်, pronounced [pʰó sèiɴ]; 18 April 1882 – 11 January 1954) was an influential 20th-century traditional leading Burmese dance actor in Myanmar Drama Event and singer, who has been credited with innovating and modernizing Burmese performance arts, in dance, song, costumes, and stagecraft.

He also established the Mandalay-based performance troupe, "Sein Maha Thabin" (စိန်မဟာသဘင်), which remained family-run until 1993, when it was closed by his grandson Ye Sein.

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