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Preksha Mehta

Indian television actress

Died when: 25 years 326 days (310 months)
Star Sign: Cancer

Preksha Mehta (5 July 1994 – 26 May 2020) was an Indian television actress.She learnt acting in the Madhya Pradesh School of Drama and started her acting career doing plays in Madhya Pradesh.She has done many roles in various Hindi television shows and some Bollywood films as well.

She is known for her work in Crime Patrol.She committed suicide on 26 May 2020.Her Hindi feature film "Sakha" is yet to be released.

She was waiting for it as she gave more than two years to this movie but sadly couldn't see it release.

The song "Suno Suno" from the movie was sung by Deepak Thakur which was pictured on her which motivates one to live his or her dreams however, she chose the other way.

Mehta also did a role in the Bollywood movie, Pad Man, starring Akshay Kumar.

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